Erste Weltmeisterschaft online

Die erste Weltmeisterschaft online für Gouldamadinen startet am 20. November 2021. Sie wurde von mehreren internationalen Gouldamadinen-Clubs ins Leben gerufen und geht mit mehr als 20 teilnehmenden Ländern an den Start. Ziel dieser Veranstaltung ist es, einen gemeinsamen Standard zu fördern und die Züchter aus der ganzen Welt zusammenzubringen.

IT-Experten haben hierzu ein System entwickelt, um die erhaltenen Videos und Daten der Züchter in eine neutrale Meisterschaft zu überführen. Jeder Züchter kann mit maximal 5 Vögeln teilnehmen.

Weitere Details folgen –> siehe Teilnahmeregeln Weltmeisterschaft

Die erste Weltmeisterschaft online erfordert eine Mitgliedschaft in einem der folgenden Clubs:

1 Bahrain Gouldian Club
2 Belgische Nationale Exoten Club
3 Best Finch Thailand (BFT)
4 British Gouldian Club
5 Club Diamante De Gould Espana
6 Club Espanol Del Diamante De Gould
7 Cyprus Avicultural Society
8 Deutscher Gouldamadinen Specialclub
9 Exotic Finch Association – Malta…
10 Finch Society of Australia
11 Gouldian Club of Pakistan…
12 Gouldian Finch Society – South Africa…
13 Gouldian Finch Hellenic Club – Greece…
14 Kıvgader – Turkey…
15 NBvV
16 National Finch and Softbill Society – USA

Rules for Participating in the World Online Gouldian Show (continued..)

1 The participant (breeder) must have a valid membership in any of the listed clubs in Table1.

2 There is no fees for participating in this unique show.

3 Each breeder can participate with up to five birds of his own breeding. Birds shall be 2020 or 2021
born, bearing closed leg bands with the breeder’s code (see exception clause in page 4).

4 Each bird will be kept in a suitable show cage (show cage models 1, 2, or 3) having see-through
front panel (glass, acrylic, or plastic), and under suitable 5600K bright lighting (see examples).

5 Using any smart phone (not a professional camera), the bird shall be filmed for a minimum of 40
seconds and maximum of 60 second duration, without any interruptions, enhancement, or
modification. Any pauses, enhancement, or modification applied to the video will impose the
subject video (and potentially the breeder) to disqualification by the judging panel.

6 The video frame shall only focus on the bird and the two perches in the show cage, without
showing anything else that could reveal the identify of the location or the owner.

7 It is strongly recommended to use a free-standing smart phone stand while shooting the video,
this will avoid any blurriness or shaky videos.

8 While shooting, the distance between the smart phone and the show cage’s front panel shall be
between 19cm to 30cm. Zoom feature is not recommended as it will deteriorate the quality of the
video during transfers.

9 Each video will need to be sent to the WOGS Organizing Committee together with the following
information in the message:

1 Breeder Name (First Name and Surename)

2 Breeder Leg Band No./ Membership number

3 Member of (mention Club name)

4 Country of Participation

5 Bird Mutation (Gender, Head Color, Back Color, Breast Color, Factor)

6 Bird birth year
Details of the how and where to send the videos and the information will be provided by 1st November.